Buffalo Burger with Spicy Microgreens

Our microgreen blends make an excellent topping for sandwiches and burgers.  After using micros, it hard to go back to plain old lettuce!  The micros add a great punch of flavor and texture.  This week we made a bison burger placed on a bed of sautéed swiss chard and pea shoots, topped with spicy microgreens and finished off with goat cheese.  We generally pair burgers with "fries" of some sort made out of a seasonal root vegetable.  In this case we used sweet potatoes, but rutabagas, turnips and beets also make excellent veggie fries.  

4 buffalo or beef patties (these patties are from Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm, we also love beef patties from T5-Farms)
4 buns (we used bread from our friends at Boulted Bread
4 pinches of Spicy Microgreens 
1 tub of goat cheese (we used an herb coated chevre from Hillsborough Cheese Company)  
Your favorite burger toppings
Your choice of root veggie to make fries, I love this recipe for making sweet potato fries 

Make your veggie fries using this recipe.  Cook patties to desire doneness and top with microgreens, goat cheese and your favorite toppings.