Chemical-Free, Sustainably Grown

We are a four-season farm which means we have to produce to sell year round. In addition to our field production, we have unheated tunnels that allow us to have fresh produce for sale even in the dead of winter. We’re not certified organic but follow organic practices. Our products are never sprayed with chemical pesticides or herbicides. We rely on cover cropping, compost, and organic fertilizers to grow healthy and nutrient dense food.

Over the years we have grown almost every vegetable you can imagine. From over 50 varieties of tomatoes to obscure herbs and even heirloom watermelons.  But we’re finally settling on the things that we love to grow and can grow pretty well. Those crops include greens, lettuces, microgreens, and root vegetables. Think of us as your number one source for greens and root veggies! This season we’re aiming to have lettuce and roots available year round. So when other farmers have stalls full of tomatoes, squash and melons we’ll have lettuce, carrots, beets, and daikon.

Trying new vegetables can be intimidating, so please don’t hesitate to ask what a certain veggie tastes like or how it should be prepared. There are a ton of recipes on our website to help you out along the way. We even offer recipes for free at the farmers market. Cooking local food is our passion and we want to hear how you’re using our produce in your recipes.