Our Credo

Healthy Sustainable food

We strive to be a source of healthy food that is produced in a manner that is sustainable for the environment and financially and emotionally beneficial to us and our community.

Our mission lead us to the name Open Door Farm. 

We believe in increasing transparency in agricultural practices. The consumer has the need to know how their food is grown, harvested and sold.  We love to educate the public and want to hear your questions.  

We also aim to give you the tools and knowledge you need to incorporate our produce in your daily meals thus reducing food/money waste and increasing your intake of healthy fruits and vegetables.  Ask us at market how to use our produce and we'll usually have a recipe on hand.  Also, check out our Recipe Page for a ton of recipes using all the produce that we sell from week to week.  

We believe growing is a continuous learning process.  We aim to continue learning more about sustainable agriculture through workshops, education materials, and researching.  We also hope to learn from you! What are your suggestions and ideas for improving our practices? What do you want to see at the market?  And how do you incorporate local food into your life?  Submit a comment on our Contact Page or share your thoughts on our weekly Blog Page.