BBT (Bacon, Basil and Tomato) Sandwich 

I like to use goat cheese instead of mayonnaise in this recipe for some extra tang.  I also use crisp cooked hog jowls instead of bacon.  Hog jowl is usually thicker cut and bit more fatty.  It's sometime easier to find a local source as well and it typically cheaper than bacon.  Top the sandwich with a fried egg if you're feeling really hungry.  


1 piece ciabatta bread, split lengthwise
2-3 Tablespoons locally produced goat cheese
4 to 6 large fresh basil leaves
4 to 6 slices firm-ripe heirloom tomatoes 
Fresh-ground pepper
2 slices locally produced bacon or hog jowls 
1 fried egg (optional)

1. Split a piece of ciabatta bread (or a crusty roll) in half lengthwise. Toast lightly. 
2. Spread cut sides generously with goat cheese. 
3. Cover bottom half with 4 to 6 large fresh basil leaves and a thick layer of 4 to 6 slices firm-ripe heirloom tomatoes. Sprinkle with salt and fresh-ground pepper to taste. Top with 2 slices crisp-cooked bacon or howl jowl. Cap with top half of ciabatta.